Anilla Liadon (anilla) wrote,
Anilla Liadon

Day 9

We got up this morning and rode off towards a city called Needrham. Erissa and Amara had gone off to scout the road a few hours before the rest of us left. It was a fairly uneventful ride. We did find out that Ryu is the prince of Rien, however. This was a surprise to me, but not too much of one...I was prepared to hear that anyone could be the prince. At some point, we sent Tobias off with a note for Erissa and Amara to let them know that we were stopping at Needrham. He came back, and Erissa followed soon after. Amara went off to scout another trail, by herself it seems.

After some more riding, we spotting dust in the distance. Tobias told me that it was men in armor on black horses. We all hid behind a hill, and the group of three men passed us. They were singing and being very obnoxious. And they were singing a song with...bad lyrics. It brought up bad feelings and I couldn't help showing that I was embarrassed by it. Byorne laughed at the song, and even Kilana grinned a little. It made me madder than I should have been. Both Ellie and Kippen wrere nice to me about it. Kippen asked about my missing ring, and I showed him that it was in my pocket. He seemed glad that I didn't lose it. Ellie was nice too, and I thanked her for it.

When we got to Needrham, Callie told the guard to let us in, and he did. He said that one Ryu was taken out towards Rien, and the other was missing. We went into the tavern in the city, and luckily found one of the Ryus in there. He told us what happened, and promised that he was the real Ryu. Kippen got really upset, and stormed out of the tavern. Ellie followed, and we could hear him yelling at her. She came back inside, clearly upset. I hugged her and tried to comfort her. I know he doesn't hate her...he really likes her...but he just couldn't deal with his emotions properly and ended up hurting Ellie. I hope she realizes that. Tobias went off to stay with Kippen to make sure that he doesn't get into trouble. It's a good thing they like each other.

I wish I could control my emotions more. I get upset fairly easily brought up in some way. It shouldn't upset me so much. No one gets offended except for me. But it forces me to think about it, and then it just hurts...
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