Anilla Liadon (anilla) wrote,
Anilla Liadon

Day 7

This morning, Amara, Ellie, Kilana, Byorne, and I were sitting in the inn, talking. Kippen went off to do an errand or research or something like that, and Erissa had still not returned after the Ryus escaped. We talked for a while, wondering what to do about Erissa, when she walked through the door. I was relieved to see her again.

We then talked about how we should go about finding the Ryus. Erissa told us that the Sisters of Mercy took the Ryus into their temple, so we had to figure out a way to rescue them. Eventually, it was decided that Ellie would go to the temple and ask for asylum, in order to see what she could find out about the Sisterhood. So, she left, and we have yet to hear from her about it.

We then decided to split up into groups. Originally, Erissa told me to go with Byorne and Kilana to try to get into the temple from the front. However, I thought of the horses, and I asked Erissa what we would do about them. The plan was to get Ellie and the Ryus, and basically leave the city as soon as possible. So Erissa told me to instead take the horses to the outskirts of the city and wait for the group there. I was disappointed...everyone got to go into the temple except for me. I think that maybe Erissa doesn't like me...maybe she doesn't trust me with important tasks? I hope not...but I don't know what else it would be.

Oh, and Byorne made some snide remark about Tobias eating worms. It really annoyed me, and he didn't seem to care. Erissa was okay with Tobias keeping watch on the outside of the temple, and calling out if needed. At least she trusts him...

Before I headed out, Byorne asked me to speak to him in the hall. I was skeptical, especially considering his earlier comment. But I went out into the hall anyway, and it wasn't like we were totally alone...the door to Erissa's room was still open. Anyway, Byorne asked me to get rid of his headache, which was still there from yesterday's events. What was I supposed to say? I put my hands on his head and asked the Mother to heal him. It worked, at least partially. Byorne then called Kilana out into the hallway, and I did the same for her. I like Kilana...she has a sense of humor that I can appreciate, and seems to actually care about me.

So then I went outside. I saw Tobias, and asked him to watch the temple and to call out if anything suspicious happened while the group was inside. He was okay with that, and flew off to the temple. I went over to the stables and told the horses what was going on. They then followed me out of the city.

That's all that happened. Once I got to a safe place, I sat down on the ground and watched the city from where I was. I ate an apple or two, and prayed to the Mother a lot. I asked her to protect the group, and to ensure their safe return. My orders are to stay here until sunrise...and hopefully they'll be back by then. I don't know what I'll do if none of them return...As the night wore on, I grew more and more anxious. My intuitions are usually right, which means that at least some of the group is scared as well. Please, Mother, ensure their safe return.
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