Anilla Liadon (anilla) wrote,
Anilla Liadon

OOC: Tobias

I screeched. I was very hungry, and neither of my parents had returned to the nest to give me food in quite some time. My sister was hungry, too. We huddled together, hungry and alone.

Finally, we saw our mother in the distance. We screeched impatiently, and opened our beaks in anticipation. It wasn't long before we were fed and content, and we snuggled against our mother and slept soundly.

Life was simple, and it was generally good as well. When the time came for my sister and me to leave the nest, we were both somewhat reluctant. I had seen the world below me from the nest, and it looked both welcoming and scary. I climbed to the edge of the nest and spread my wings.

I moved my feathers ever so slightly, using my tail to balance myself. I could feel the soft breeze pushing me, just begging me to jump. It was an amazing feeling, and I moved my wings ever so slightly, testing the air and the heat coming from the ground below. Then I pushed off.

I opened my wings wide, and I let the air take me. It was hard to do at all. I flapped a few times in order to get up high, but once I was above the trees, I didn't have to work at all. The air below me held me up, and I rode it far away from the only home I had ever known. I would miss it, but this was the way things must be.

This was my life for many days. Most of my time was spent hunting or sleeping, and the rest of it was spent in a tree guarding my territory. Every once in a while I would spot an elf or half-elf (or, less often, a human) walking through the forest. I would watch them from my tree, and occasionally they would notice me. No one bothered me, though.

One day, while I was watching the ground for a meal, I spotted a mouse near a bush. I sat for a while, making sure that it did not know that I was there. As soon as it began to eat a seed, I leapt from my branch and headed straight for it. Just as I was about to grab it in my talons, I caught my right wing on the bush that the mouse was under. The bush had brambles, which caught my feathers and yanked me backwards. I tried to pull myself free, but the more I struggled, the more stuck I became. I screeched.

I was scared. If I couldn't free myself, I would either starve to death or be eaten by an animal. I screeched loudly, hoping that somehow, someway, something would hear me and save me. I knew that wouldn't happen, though. What would any animal gain from freeing me?

Just as I was about to lose hope, I saw a half-elf girl walk towards me. She came closer, and I got more frantic. I was vulnerable, and I didn't want her to hurt me.

"Calm down. It'll be okay, I'm going to help you out of there."

I paused in my struggle. Somehow, I was able to understand this girl's speech. I was still scared, but I stopped struggling. She came up to me and gently pulled the brambles from my feathers. Once I was totally free, I jumped up onto her shoulder. This girl had saved my life, for no other reason than because she could. I nibbled on her ear in thanks.

The girl giggled. "Why, thank you. It was no big deal, really."

"No, thank you," I thought to her in reply.

The girl smiled. "You're welcome."

I stayed on her shoulder as she continued her walk. I learned that her name was Anilla Liadon, and that she lived in Shendar City, which is the city near my forest. When I told her that I didn't have a name, she decided to call me Tobias. I liked the name well enough, so I agreed to it.

When Anilla had to go back home that evening, I told her I couldn't go with her. She understood, and I sat in a branch and watched her leave. I never thought I'd see her again. I would miss her, but I had my own life to tend to.

A couple of nights later, I felt this strange sensation. I felt like I was being called to a certain point in the forest. I flew there, and was met by a unicorn. I had heard of such beasts existing, but had never seen one before. She was beautiful.

The unicorn told me that she was the Great Mother. She told me that I was to go with Anilla to another town, and to join her on her adventures and missions. I was to watch over her, and she will watch over me. Of course I agreed; this was the Great Mother after all. She gave me life.

A little while later, Anilla came into the forest. The Great Mother talked to her, and then I showed myself to Anilla. She was very happy to see me again, and I was happy to see her too.

The next day we left for Catsden, the place where the Great Mother told us to go. It is where we were to join the Sun Panthers, this group of people that went on missions. I didn't really understand what was going on, but I had Anilla with me, and that's really all I cared about. I promised the Great Mother that I'd protect her, and I will do all that I can to make sure that she's safe.
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