Anilla Liadon (anilla) wrote,
Anilla Liadon

Day 5-6

We left Idletower and arrived at Aquilmor without much trouble. Kilana wanted me to have Tobias get the paper for Erissa (without her knowing it), so he did. Erissa was very surprised, and it was quite amusing, to say the least.

I helped Kilana send out a report to Theria, and afterwards our whole group ate dinner at the inn that we were to stay in. Oh, Kippen made carved me a really pretty ring. I like it a lot. And it was nice sleeping in a real bed for once. I prayed to the Mother a lot before sleeping, to thank her for keeping us safe in Idletower.

The next morning, Ryu was the first one downstairs eating breakfast. We eventually all joined him, and then Ryu came downstairs. Apparently, there's two Ryu's now. Needless to say, we were all very confused. Each claimed to be the real Ryu, and Byorne said that they were identical. Kilana put a yellow ribbon on the wrist of the first Ryu, so that we could keep track of which was which. Erissa got very upset when all of this happened...I guess because she's techinically in charge, and she doesn't want to fail Theria. At one point, while the Ryus were arguing with each other, Byorne quickly pulled two knives out and held one at the throat of each Ryu. I immediately protested this, and got very upset that Byorne would act so...rashly. More on this a little later.

Erissa had us go upstairs to discuss the problems at hand, so we did. Erissa went through the papers that Zadok gave her, but apparently most (if not all) of them were mistakenly given to us. One was a shopping list, one had a song on it, and another just random gibberish. We were all very confused, and the double Ryus weren't helping either. Byorne and Kilana decided to contact Zadok and ask him about the papers. Zadok spoke through Kilana, which was very weird to watch. Kind of scary, too. He explained that most of the papers were mistakes. Right before he faded out, I asked him how to reverse an illusion spell...which would hopefully fix the double Ryu thing. But, he got cut off before he could finish telling us what to do. After that, both Byorne and Kilana collapsed on the floor in exhaustion, unconscious. I quickly revived them enough that they were vaguely awake and breathing, but that tired me out a lot too. Erissa kept telling people what to do, though she didn't seem to be doing much herself. Somehow she expected me to help Byorne to his room, even though he could hardly walk, and neither could I, for that matter. But, I managed it, and Ellie helped Kilana to her room. I stayed with Byorne for the rest of the afternoon, watching him sleep.

Apparently, Erissa, Kippen, and Amara dressed up one of the Ryu's as a girl, so that he could be in disguise. They went outside, but right away the girl-Ryu yelled out and escaped. The boy-Ryu chased after him, and Erissa, Kippen, and Amara chased both of them. However, the Ryus eventually disappeared, and were nowhere to be found. The people on the street seemed worried. I watched all this from the window of Byorne's room. I asked Tobias to find the Ryus, but he was unsuccessful. It's like they just vanished into thin air.

Now...Byorne. I spent a lot of time analyzing him. To tell the truth, when he pulled his knives out on the Ryus, it immediately reminded me of myself...that night. It scared me, when I saw what he was thinking of doing. I...hate...what I did that night, and I didn't want it to happen again. I wasn't thinking clearly, and I just didn't want him to do anything. Oh, and then he didn't trust me to watch one of the Ryus...which really annoyed me. I don't know why, but it did. In general, he just brings back memories of that night, with the human. He's probably around the same age and size. They both react quickly. I killed the first man, and I felt like I wanted to kill Byorne too...but not really, no. I don't want to kill anybody. It just brought up all of these emotions all at once, and so I reacted strangely. It's probably a good thing that he didn't try to attack me...if he ever did, I don't know how I'd react. Actually, I do. And I'm afraid of that.

The thing is, he's really not a bad person, and I have no reason to believe that he'd try to hurt me. He is a member of the Panthers, after all. He even thanked me after I revived him, and tried to make a joke as I helped him to his room. And I watched him sleep for a long time, and asked the Mother for guidance. He really is a good man...I just can't shake the fact that he reminds me too much of...the not good man.

Anyway...I hope that we find the Ryus soon, and figure out what is going on.
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