Anilla Liadon (anilla) wrote,
Anilla Liadon

Day 4-5

We spent most of the day riding to Idletower. Ellie met up with us, and said that she snuck out of her house because her mother wouldn't let her come. I hope that her mother doesn't get too worried.

Once we got to Idletower, these two men in black ran by, and Byorne and Kilana ran after them. Then, this man named Ranael came up to us and said we were under arrest for helping to murder of someone called Justice Staeven. Of course, we didn't murder anybody, but he wouldn't listen. For some reason, he knew everyone's names except for Ryu's and mine. I chose not to give him my name, because I figured that there must be a good reason that he didn't know it to begin with.

We had to give him and his helpers our weapons and horses. I told Tobias to fly away, and he did so...I hope he's okay. I gave the men my staff, but I didn't mention my dagger. I know that other people didn't give up their hidden weapons either...I'm surprised that they didn't search us.

Anyway, we were taken to this building and put into this room that had no windows, and only one door which had no doorknob. I could feel the magic as soon as I stepped into the was very strong. Even the members of the party who aren't that magical could sense it. We were locked in the room, with just some chairs, a table, and food. I tried to open the door with the Great Mother's help, but it wouldn't budge. The magic was too strong to overcome...either that, or the Mother did not want me to open it, for reasons unknown to me.

We stayed in the room overnight, and I was thinking about Tobias a lot. I "talked" to him a little, but it was difficult because I felt so closed up in that room. I'm glad that he didn't end up in there with us...he would have gone crazy.

During the night, the door started to glow, and then it opened. Byorne, Kilana, and this Abrami named Zadok were there to rescue us. We walked quietly through the building, and got to the sewers. Zadok is extremely magical...I watched everything he did. Somehow he knew that I worship the Great Mother. He must have been a devotee of Abram for a long time in order to be so powerful.

We're going to have to navigate through the sewers, and then hopefully find our horses and equipment when we get out. I also hope that Tobias found the horses and is with them. Kippen assures me that Tobias is okay...I hope so.

Speaking of Kippen...he and Ellie seem to like each other more than before. I hate to admit it, but I think I'm a little jealous. I like them both, and they are both my friends...but I don't know. My life is with the Great Mother, anyway. May she protect us and keep us from harm.
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