Anilla Liadon (anilla) wrote,
Anilla Liadon

Day 3-4

Well, we left Catsden today. Our group consists of me, Erissa, Kilana, Amara, Kippen, and Byorne, at least in the beginning. We rode horses towards the west. We're supposed to be a distraction because the rightful king of Rien is returning there. I don't really understand it all, but I understand enough to know that I have a mission.

Once we reached a place that we could camp at, Amara and I made dinner. We made stew, half of which had rabbit meat in it. Kippen's a vegetarian...I didn't know that. He was grateful that I offered to make some stew without the rabbit in it. He talked with Tobias some, as well. They're cute together.

We took turns keeping watch at night. Before falling asleep, Kippen told me that he used to be made fun of as a kid because people thought he was part elf. I had a feeling that that was the case...I could tell in the beginning that he was uncomfortable around me, and what with his elvish skills, it would only make sense. He didn't answer me when I asked if he had elvish blood in him, but I have a feeling that he does, even if just a little. It's very rare that humans can interact with animals the way he does. I'm glad that he's starting to trust me more, though.

Nothing interesting happened during my watch. However, around dawn, a couple of us (including me) woke up to the sound of hooves off in the distance. Then, we noticed a sleeping bag on the ground that wasn't there the night before. It turns out that Ryu was in it. I was introduced to him. He's cute, though something was wrong with him...he was very disoriented and seemed to forget where he was or why he was there. Kilana and I helped make him feel better, though he still doesn't remember much.

Soon afterwards, we left, continuing towards Idletower with Ryu. Thank you, Mother, for protecting us on the first night of our mission.
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